About Me

Let me tell you a little about myself, my Faith, my family and my ADVENTURE. My name is Lis. Up until this point I have been a stay at home mother of 5 amazing children. My children range in age from 17 down to 2! I always swore I wouldn’t be the Mom with one in college and one starting Kindergarten…WELL here I am eating my words!  We are a blended family, our older three boys are from my previous marriage. We have been gifted through adoption, when God gave us our two younger girls. We have had them both since they were only moments old. Adoption is a HUGE passion of ours which you will see over time here on the blog. We have recently started exploring the idea of adopting older children out of the foster care system and are just trusting God in the beginning stages of that journey. 

I wanted to start this blog as a way to use my CRAZY story to hopefully connect and encourage others. I found myself reflecting recently on EVERYTHING I have been through when I was asked, for the first time, to give my testimony. I was hesitant- only because I was afraid of the emotions that would come when I wrote it ALL down. It was almost too much to put on paper. After God gave me the courage to share that night at a women’s ministry event, I decided that there had to be more to offer or else WHY had I endured what I had been through. I KNOW God has a plan to use it somehow. So, this blog is my attempt to turn our recent business endeavors into a very real very personal journey and hopefully a way He can use my story to encourage others. I promise to be completely REAL AND TRANSPARENT. You can message me on the “Connect” page and ask me ANYTHING and I will give you an honest answer. I also commit to pray for each of you that feel led to reach out with your own personal stories. Whether that be 1 or 100… God has a plan and that plan is ALWAYS perfect. It isn’t always something we can understand, but I find peace in trusting that nothing happens outside of His will.  

 A brief overview of my story- My journey has not been an easy one up to this point. I have experienced trauma, I have lost babies, my two sisters, and my dad all to tragic circumstances.  I have struggled through depression and anxiety, been treated on and off for an eating disorder, but by the GRACE AND STRENGTH OF GOD ALONE, I have overcome all of these things. I don’t claim never to struggle with the setbacks of grief, or insecurities, just to have reached a place of understanding that I do not HAVE to understand to be able to have PEACE.  I want to use my life and everything I have and do to glorify the God who chose me and loves me and brought me out of darkness into the light. Even on the days when that darkness seems to be “looming” I am so blessed to know that the light is ALWAYS at the end of every tunnel. 

Now go Check out my blog where you will get a regular glimpse into the crazy we love and cannot live without!! And hopefully find a little encouragement and a few laughs along the way.