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So, this post will probably be a little bit shorter than normal, but as I’m sure you gathered from the main picture…OUR FAMILY IS GROWING!! We are expecting a baby in April 2019. I want to tell you a little bit of the back story and then how we found out.

Hunter and I got married in 2011. I never went on birth control of any kind, knowing from my previous pregnancy experiences and losses that getting pregnant would not be easy for me, and likely not even possible without fertility treatments of some sort. About a year into our marriage, in 2012, (after a couple super early losses together) we decided that adoption was the path we wanted to take to grow our family. We NEVER looked back on that decision. God was so good, adding our two beautiful daughters whom He clearly intended just for our family. Each of our girls have a unique adoption story, which I have shared bits and pieces of up until this point, but for the sake of this post I will just say that those journeys could not have been more perfect, placing both girls in our forever family.

Since adopting Neriah and Annabeth, in the last year or so, we had  started the process to adopt an older child/children out of the foster care system. Something we had both desired to do since the beginning of our marriage. (and probably still will pursue at some point down the road) Unfortunately, when everything with Hunter’s job shifted resulting in the start of a new business, that process got put on the back burner. Not just for finances sake, but for timing reasons as well. I wanted to give ALL of me to a child coming into our home, and I felt, at that time I would not have been able to give what was necessary to take in a little one who would come with their own unique set of needs.

silly version of the pain photo. (Annabeth was crying…almost as if she can sense her days as the baby have been shortened) ❤

So now, in 2018, our family was where it was going to be for a little while-at least as far as WE had planned. This entire time conceiving was not on our radar. Well, about a month ago, I was sitting at my computer working SUPER late at night. I remember thinking for a very brief moment “I feel off…what if I am pregnant??” but then quickly dismissing that thought-chalking the strange feeling up to the steady diet of caffeine and frozen pizza I had consumed in the previous 2 weeks. I couldn’t entirely shake the feeling so when I went upstairs, I rummaged under the sink and found an old EXPIRED pregnancy test. (yes there are a LOT of random things under my bathroom sink!) I took the test and it very quickly came up positive. To illustrate exactly how FAR pregnancy had fallen from my mind, I instantly consulted Dr. Google for what rare types of cancer or disease a woman can have that would produce a FALSE positive pregnancy test…. TRUE STORY. In fact, by the morning I, along with Dr. Google, had diagnosed myself with a rare form of ovarian cancer. I had already gone through plans for my kids, how I was going to tell everyone…yes, I had temporarily lost my mind. So, the next morning, I told Hunter what was going on. He too, was stunned. I will say though that his reaction leaned much more towards a LOGICAL one that mine had. He encouraged me to go buy more tests since the one I took was expired, and to call my doctor. Which I did- actually I bought EVERY test I could find and took them ALL. (I included a pic to show the level of crazy) Indeed, they were all positive.

I told you…literally every test I could find!!


My doctor got me in very quickly, but our first ultrasound was very early and there was no heartbeat detected yet. The doctor assured us it was too early, which I tried to find hope in, but given our past it was very hard not to live in a state of anxiety for the next several weeks. Hunter was a great encouragement and continued reminding me that we are going to be thankful for this life from the beginning and as long as God entrusts this little one to our care. That helped in the long weeks that followed.

I am excited to say that this past Friday we had an ultrasound where baby had a strong heartbeat and looked great. I am still very early, only a couple months along, but we decided sharing early would just allow that many more people to pray for us, for this baby and for our family as a whole. We continue to rest in the fact that God has a plan, He always does. We find comfort in the fact that He is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow-no matter WHAT tomorrow may hold. Being completely honest, I feel a little anxious putting this out there, wondering if something were to happen now EVERYONE will know…but I committed at the beginning of this to let God use our life and our journey for His glory. For me that has to look like complete transparency, trusting that whatever comes, He is still God and is still GOOD. I am considered high risk this time around because of my history, oh and my absolute favorite high risk marker “advanced maternal age!” That one will make you feel like a million bucks!  So, while we have a long road to get baby here, we want to ask for your prayers for health, for peace, for TRUST in His plan, and that all glory would be given to God alone throughout this entire process- the good and the difficult. Finally, just one more thing that points to His hand alone, when we initially shared this news with close friends, 2 of those close friends expressed that they had specifically been praying this for our family. What is cool about that, is that I had never asked for or solicited those prayers, in fact they were seemingly random. It is cool though to know the prayers of others, are at times are more befitting God’s plan than our own. We are excited, a little apprehensive to be honest, but just anxious to see even more, God’s hand in our lives.


Thank you for your prayers! Leave any comments below I would love to connect with each of you!!


  • Mom

    So excited about this newest member to the family. I am so thankful for your transparency, your love for your children, your love and total reliance on God our father, your loving, godly, and supportive husband!! He’s pretty awesome!! Praying for this little gift from above and for mommy, daddy, and siblings!!! Love, Gramma

  • Charity

    OH MY GOSH I AM BEYOND EXCITED FOR YOU GUYS!!!!! Congratulations! (PS- the Dr Google diagnosis…. totally something I would do! 😂🤣 hahaha!!!)

  • Brenda Beigle

    I love your thoughts here! Love how you leave the whole matter up to God! I read in a book on prayer once that “we don’t know what God knows.” It reminded me that in my deepest longings and needs, God knows all about everything, and as you said, God is good! A friend once reminded me of how we like to quote Romans 8;28 but that we forget verse 29 that follows. The reason “all things work together for good” is so that we might be conformed to Jesus. I just imagine God is using you and your journey with your family to help others! Really…”advanced maternal age”? How old are you? Having kids must be keeping you youthful!! I’m guessing no more than 35! Blessings!

  • Natasha

    Congratulations!!! I studied Hypnobabies during my pregnancy last year and I found the information and daily affirmations tracks helped me so much when I was worried. They have a FB group you can join to find out a bit more about the program and ‘talk’ to other Hypnobabies moms if you decide to look into it. Congrats again and I hope everything goes well for you!!

  • Keely

    What a great announcement! I love your family’s story. I was rendered infertile after my last baby at just 28. My heart longs for another baby. I thought a few years ago, I heard God saying, He can do the impossible. Just last night I dreamed about pregnancy. It’s such a hard thing for me. I’m 31 now, and feeling like my time as a mama of young kids is waning. Thanks for sharing your story. It’s encouraging to know God can do anything, whether it’s the miracle of adoption or birth. ❤️❤️.

    • Lis

      Yes he can! I will pray for you and for your journey. That God will grant your desires according to His will and His purpose. And 31 is NOT too old for littles ❤️❤️❤️

  • Brittnei

    Girl!!! Praying sooooo hard for you! What a joyous announcement. Our God is a God who is gracious and merciful. Love this growing family of yours.

  • Christine Wildman

    Our daughter and son-in-law have not had the struggle to the extent you have, but she assumed she would get pregnant as easy as I did. I was declared Barren, but married my husband and our first child was born in February of 1982, our fifth child was born in May of 1988, and I had three miscarriages as well. So basically for 6 years 7 years I was pregnant, and nursing even nursing while pregnant! I certainly wish I could find all those doctors that told me that I couldn’t have children! Our daughter has three beautiful sons. None of them planned, each one of them prayed for. And they want more children and they’re waiting for the Lord to lead them in the path, including potential adoption. I will be praying for you and following your journey!

  • Kim Day

    This just made my heart melt. I am so happy for you and your beautiful family. Hope you don’t mind that I shared this for other hearts to hear and feel and pray for your little one… to be strong on his/her journey. You have such an amazing soul and I wish you nothing but strength and love as you make your way thru this crazy thing we call life, with a whole new story to share.
    We’ve been friends for so many years I can’t even count back that far. And though our lives have weaved in and out of touch, I have always held you and your family so close to my heart. Love you to the moon and back. Xoxo

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